At it again…..

Monday – was a good day. I was feeling great about starting a brand new week.

Tuesday – was Indian Arrival Day.  Below is a little about it.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Indian Arrival Day, celebrated on 30th May, commemorates the arrival of the first Indian Indentured labourers from India to Trinidad, in May 1845, on the ship Fatel Razack. The Fatel Razack brought not only a new labour force to assist in the economic development of Trinidad, but also a new people with a new culture.

While this momentous event has been celebrated among the East Indian community in Trinidad and Tobago for many years, it was not until 1994 that it was made an official public holiday. It was called Arrival Day. In 1995, it was re-named Indian Arrival Day. On 30th May each year, Indian Arrival Day commemorates this momentous event by staging a re-enactment of the arrival of the Fatel Razack at various beaches throughout Trinidad and Tobago. There is also music and dance, and outstanding members of the community are honoured for their contributions to society.

Indian Immigration to Trinidad spanned the period 1845-1917. During this period over 140,000 Indians were transported to the island. The journey was long and arduous and living conditions were deplorable. After disembarking at Nelson Island, the arrivals were fed and rested for a couple weeks and then sent to the various estates that had requested them previously.

Wednesday – well it was the last day of my contract so it was kind of a bitter sweet day but I wasn’t worried too much.  Got through my day as usual and went home and prepared for the next day.

Thursday – came to work waiting to hear what was taking place only to be told my last day was yesterday and I’m not working from today.  The way in which it was said though, I didn’t appreciate!  It was as though they didn’t care and the sad thing is, the department is actually under staffed so sending me home to wait for the girl who I’m supposed to be holding on for to make up her mind really isn’t making much sense.  She clearly doesn’t want the job!!  I ended up staying the day though and I’m supposed to get paid for it.

Friday – I was home from today so dropped and picked up my daughter and ran some errands with hubby.  Came home and slept for a lil while but other than that I enjoyed the day.


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