Ok so today’s HotTopic is about bathing with kids.  

Question: What are your views on parents bathing with their children?  Is it wrong?  Is it right?  Is there even a right or wrong answer to this question?

While everyone has different opinions on what they should or shouldn’t do with their kids, based on my research, some people say even if you bathe with them that you should stop:-

  1. When you become uncomfortable 
  2. When your child wants privacy 
  3. At a certain age(2-3), no matter what 
  4. When you want the shower to be your ‘ME’ time

Personally, I don’t see the issue with it.  Nowadays people make everything a problem that simply doesn’t need to be.  I mean, commmeee on, you carried the child for 9mths and brought him/her into the world so what’s the big problem to bathe with them.  Unless you’re a pervert, there’s nothing sexual about it.  It’s simply natural.

The next thing is….. GENDER BASHING!  They always come down on one parent more, mostly the father.  Ok, if he isn’t taking interest in the child/children’s life I can see the need to worry or be upset but once that man is trying his best and going above and beyond, why make him feel uncomfortable because you may not do things the way he does.  Pertaining to my HotTopic today, I also don’t find it a problem for a dad to shower with his kid!!

If I offend anyone too bad.  But I will be waiting to see you guys’ views in the comments….#SorryNotSorry


8 thoughts on “HotTopic ”

  1. I see no problem with it! I have showered with my son since he was a few months old (he’s 18 months now) and don’t feel weird about it. My husband does think it’s weird at a certain point (like around age 2-3) and I will probably stop soon, mainly because he’s getting to the point where he doesn’t want to sit still in his bath seat for long.

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  2. I think each parent should go by how they feel. I had two kids close together so this was considered my “me” time.
    As kids grow, I feel there is a stopping point but each parent needs to realise when that is.


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