Good morning my fantabulous people!!!  It’s a great day to be alive and well so let’s not sulk about the things that we don’t have and appreciate what we do have.  Unlike some persons God allowed us to wake up this morning, and for that we should all be thankful.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and may this week bring lots of joy and happiness to or lives.  With all the bad going on in this world, don’t let it affect you and make you depressed.  See the bigger picture.  Keep dreaming and hoping that things will change because it only takes one person to start a trend.

For me, I’m getting back in the groove of being home and enjoying every bit of it.  I still want to go back to work but for now, it’s like my mini vacation, lol.  

This week I challenge you to make positive changes in your life.  Whether it’s simply dropping a bad habit and practicing a new one or being nice to a stranger.  

Again, have a really good week and don’t forget to SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Motivation 

    1. No I’m not, my contract ended so I’m waiting on them to call me back. You didn’t miss them, I wasn’t writing as often as I used to just mainly my HotTopic and FlashbackFriday features. Thanks so much, I’ll try my best!!


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