Proud Mama!

So before school closed for Easter, K had evaluation(where they test them on everything they learnt for the term).  At first I was a bit nervous as there wasn’t much for me to pick her up in but then I thought….. my babygirl is intelligent so she’ll get through this.

Well I was right.  When I received her report card it said that she fitted in well(as she started from the second term) and was doing well.  I was sooooo pleased to hear that.  She got 141 out of 175 in her test and to me, that was awesome!!!! I’m sooo incredibly proud of my pumpkin!

This term I’m hoping she does just as good or even better.  The sky is the limit and I always tell her she can be anything she wants to be once she puts her mind to it.  

Looking forward to so many more achievements with her!


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