Daily Post-Puncture

Her screams were all we heard coming from the alley.  We tried to get closer but not too close as we were unsure as to what exactly was happening.

We then saw a young man clad in a black hoodie and black jeans running from the said direction. My friends and I knew something was up, so we ventured down the dark path after he was gone and as we proceeded, we heard light groaning coming from behind the dumsters.  Immediately, we called the ambulance and police.  As we made two more footsteps, we found her.  A young lady, possibly in her early 20’s.  She’d been stabbed about her body.

In total disbelief, we stayed with her until the paramedics arrived and even went as far as to go to the hospital with her just to make sure she was alright.  When we got there, she was quickly taken into surgery so my friends and I got something to eat and waited.  After about 2-3 hrs, the doctor came out and told us the knife had punctured one of her lungs and that they stabilized her but couldn’t say whether or not she’d make it.


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