She Loves Homework 

To my surprise, my beautiful daughter likes HOMEWORK!  I’m actually glad that she does because then that’ll be one less thing that I’ll have to persuade her to do.  

The fact that she likes it, she always asks to do it upfront.  Her class gives homework every Monday so that’s the day that her bag is the heaviest.  Throughout the week though, she may may get homework to do from other books that she uses in school but all are to return the following Monday.  I normally let her start on Friday evening, then Saturday evening and maybe finish the last set Sunday night but this is all depending on how much homework she has.

She would usually come and say “Mummy I want to do my homework” and if I let her do some she’ll sometimes insist that she does the rest.  Honestly, I find it admirable.  Because if at such a young age she enjoys completing homework, I could only hope for better things in the future.

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