My Top 15….🎥

Hey guys 👋🏽, below is a list of my top 15 romance movies.  If you think I missed out any, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments…….

  1. The Notebook 
  2. Me Before You
  3. The Best of Me
  4. The Choice
  5. Twilight(All of them!!!!)
  6. A Walk to Remember 
  7. Safe Haven 
  8. The Longest Ride
  9. High Strung
  10. Red Riding Hood
  11. Meet Joe Black
  12. Tuck Everlasting 
  13. Warm Bodies
  14. Remember Me
  15. Water for Elephants 

I’m a total sucker for romance but stay tuned because this is just part 1.  I’ll do one with action movies as well.

I just remembered and couldn’t leave it out…. The Space Between Us was also another great movie.  If you haven’t already, you NEED to take a look at these movies and make sure to grab your tissues!!!

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