Daily Post-Snack

Well let me tell y’all this…… My daughter LOVES TO TAKE MY SNACKS!!!!!!!

She knows very well that she’s not allowed to eat too much salty snacks like: Cheese Curls/Sticks, Tortilla, Big Foot(normal and spicy) etc, but for some reason when she eats out all of her snacks, she chooses to come after mine.😑😏😩

At times I give in and let her have one of mines but in doing so, I always choose to give her Chipz because it’s natural and hardly has any salt in it. She even gets the Cheese Curls and Tortilla from time to time but I space it out.  

Because she knows that she’s not supposed to have it, she comes inside and picks up my bag of snacks, takes what she wants and runs with it, lol.  So I now have to chase her to get it back while all she’s doing is laughing.

Ohhh the joys of motherhood……

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