Passenger-Daily Post

We were passengers in the car of a stranger.  For the first time since our driver died, we used Uber.  Now seeing how things are going lately with kidnappings etc, I was a bit skeptical but I prayed before we got in that everything would be fine.

We reached our destination safely, a little late but in one peace and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.  For Father’s Day, I got the hubby a spa certificate because I know that he’s never gotten that before and today was the appointment because all the other weekends from Father’s Day to now was booked up!  I hope he enjoys it!

While he’s inside, I’m outside waiting and writing this post, lol!  Because he likes being pampered I thought this was a great gift for him.  It’s a Hot Stone Neck & Back Massage and a Pedicure.  Although he’s a bit funny with his toes, I’m hoping he doesn’t give any trouble lmaoo.

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