So this week on FlashbackFriday I’m doing a general briefing.

Monday – K went to school as I had to collect her report card.  For the second time my princess has shown me how intelligent she is and she continues to shine like the star that she is!!  She did great this term and better than last term.  Again, I am extremely proud of her!!!  The joy that I felt was overwhelming!

Tuesday – I didn’t bother to send her to school because they weren’t doing much as school was closing on Wednesday.

Wednesday – again didn’t send her to school. 

So her vacation started from Tuesday til September.  Thursday and today we just chilled at home because on some days rain fell especially this morning so we didn’t go anywhere.  As this is her first vacation since starting school, I’m hoping to make wonderful memories.  So far since Monday night we’ve(K and I) been going to bed anywhere between the hours of 11:00pm and 3:00am.  Luckily when she goes to sleep that time we both don’t get up til after 10 or so depending.

Have a great weekend you guys!!!!!  Stay safe!

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