The Top Ten……🎥

I’ve watched a couple of game shows(gross ones that is) and this is a list I’ve come across of the Top Ten Scariest Reality Game Shows!!!!

  1. Fear Factor
  2. Panic Button
  3. Total Blackout
  4. Exit
  5. 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show
  6. Kitchen Nightmares 
  7. The Amazing Race
  8. 13:Fear Is Real
  9. Hellevator
  10. The Exit List

Out of the 10 listed, I’ve actually only watched 2(Fear Factor & Total Blackout) and I would say between the both shows, Fear Factor tops it.  The things that people are made to do…. uggghhh🤢🤢…. it really is disgusting.  I don’t even know why some people go on the show especially if they know they’re not the type to do ANY AND EVERYTHING!!!

Personally, I would watch and laugh because I know that at the end of the day it’s not me doing it and I would never put myself in such a situation.  There’s just some fears that money won’t ever make me get over and that’s the sad truth.  

If you’ve looked at any on the list be sure to share your experiences with me in the comments.  I look forward to reading them and if you haven’t looked at any, you should!

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