Almost Through

Not too long ago we celebrated Christmas and New Years and in about 5 mths we’re about to do it again.  Time has really flown!  Look at that, how quickly this year is passing.  I’m sure at the beginning of 2017 some people had New Year resolutions and hopefully you guys are almost through with your list of things to get done…well I’m hoping so.

I want to urge everyone to enjoy life as best you can because as we know, you never know when could be your last.  Growing up I always heard, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ but the thing is, things have gotten so bad that too me it’s now ‘Here now, gone later’ because that’s exactly it.

Live a life that when you look back, you’d be proud of yourself and if you have children they can be proud of the legacy you left behind.  Live a life pleasing to The Almighty God so that he as well can be proud of you!  Times are tough and we need him to get through our obstacles.
So today I want to say to you.  Be blessed! Stay safe! Be happy! Help others! Love unconditionally!

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