HotTopic:On Your Own Or Shared Spaces

This is one topic that I’d really love to discuss because people have varying views on it.  For my married couples, would you say get a house of your own or live with in-laws?

I have experience with both because before we got pregnant we were renting and I was very happy to be honest.  However, when we found out we decided to move back home as the money spending in rent could go towards the baby.  At first, we came here(by my in-laws) and then we went by me up until K was 3mths and then an issue arose and we left.  Since then we’ve been up here.

The thing is, I miss being on my own.  I miss having my own space and even though my hubby thinks it was a waste of money, I don’t.  As I’ve always told him, whether or not it sounds stupid, if I have to pay for my sanity I will!  No questions asked, because I think as a young family and married couple, we need our own space.  I don’t know how much longer I can take sharing a space with anyone, whether it’s my parents or in-laws.

So talk to me.  What would you prefer?


2 thoughts on “HotTopic:On Your Own Or Shared Spaces”

  1. I have to agree that being on our own is definitely more desirable.
    After my husband and I were married, we were renting a small place of our own. After a few months, we lived at his parents’. It wasn’t too long until we found our own place and found out we were expecting. There were a couple times we had to stay at a friend’s to wait until a particular rental was available but for 10 years now we’ve been on our own.
    We need our own space and freedom to do what we want.
    If there was a financial issue and nothing we could really do but stay at a family’s house..then I would do it.
    I’d rather get a two bedroom apartment than do that though…

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