So this week was good.  Nothing much was done but Thursday afternoon I got a call from the place I used to work and they asked me to come in from yesterday for a couple months again.  Though it’s not that stable, I still took it.

However, it has brought up a few minor issues, one of which is I have no clue what to do with K.  My mother in law, recently went back out to work from vacation so I don’t know as yet if she’ll be able to watch her again and the hubby isn’t too keen on sending her by my parents.

Now I know what you must be saying, they’re your parents!  Her grandparents!  Why wouldn’t he want her to go there…. well you see the thing is, my parents have a way of doing what THEY WANT!  There are some things we don’t allow with K and obviously when she’s in someone else’s care, we would want them to go by our rules because at the end of the day she’s still our daughter!  My parents, don’t like to listen.  They don’t like to bend!  It’s always their way!  I’m tired of always doing things how they want it done!  It’s my child, so for once they should be able to do things my way!  Am I right?!

Ever since my babygirl was small, I’ve rarely ever let people just randomly touch her because (1) sometimes I don’t even know who they are and (2) I don’t know where their hands have been and everyone knows children always have their hands in their mouth!  My parents on the other hand apparently don’t see anything wrong with this.  People can touch K or she can touch the nasty chair on the sidewalk and it’s all fine with them.  I have a serious problem with that and the fact that neither of us are going to be present during the day while she’s in my parents’ care, has my hubby uneasy.

Honestly, I’m not mad at him or anything because if the tables were turned, I may not have wanted her to go by his mom knowing these things(and no I’m not bad, I just like things to be done my way when it comes to my child).  It’s just that this entire situation has me stuck in the middle because I know they would love for her to come by them and I know she’ll be safe.  If only they would listen, everything will be fine!


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