My week in review:

Monday – well I started back work on Friday as stated in last week’s Flashbackfriday but not in the same department.  Though I really want to go back to my old place of abode, I’m still doing my best where I am presently.  I’m still learning the ropes but it isn’t that bad.

Tuesday – started getting rid of some of the back log so that I can get on track and stay up to date.  Princess K is home with her daddy and he took a couple days off from work.  Yay them!(I’m already missing my bed and I just started back working lol, weird right?)

Wednesday – still trying to get rid of the back log though I think it may take a while because excel and I aren’t really friends lol but I’ll get it done!  

Thursday – tried to get some more work done pertaining to those later summaries.  I’m still getting used to the department but what can I say, I just really miss the old one!

Friday – well I’m almost finished with one of the books so that’s a plus and hubby and K came and surprised me in work this afternoon and I got to leave early, YAY!  I was oh too glad to get to go home. 

How was your week?


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