Now I’m young but yet still I think that it’s still best to NOT GIVE UP THE COOKIE until you are married or at least in a very stable and committed relationship!  Others may differ but that’s my take on it.

Sex was initially to be enjoyed between husband and wife but in today’s society it isn’t like that anymore.  Society has made it seem ok to have sex whenever and wherever you want with random people.  For e.g. The videos that we see surfacing on Facebook of people having sex on the beach, in the road, on a train/bus etc….

I get that some people may never want to get married and they’re probably ok with the idea of just being someone’s girlfriend but not me!  Think about it…. is it really SAFE for want of a better word, to just have sex with anyone, anywhere without a care in the world??  Firstly, I think there’s a time and place for everything!  

I also think that the reason why most relationships/marriages fail is because people study SEX more than they actually take time to get to know one another.  Sex isn’t everything!  And if you want to wait and your significant other doesn’t, then maybe, just maybe that isn’t the person for you.  Because the one for YOU would wait however long you want them to because they love you and respect your wishes!

I would always recommend people to wait!  Especially young adolescents because they seem to be rushing to do BIG PEOPLE TING more and more.  The next thing is, if you do choose to not get married or you’re just simply a wild one….consider having a ‘F**K BUDDY'(one person you have sex with when the need arises and vice versa) and at least be on the same page and get tested regularly rather than just simply having sex with strangers because you never know if one of those random strangers could be a rapist, murderer or human trafficker and even less extreme than that have an STD/STI or HIV/AIDS!

P.S.  Even though I suggested a f**k buddy doesn’t mean I was in complete agreement but just simply looking for an alternative!!!!  SAVE THE COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me guys, what’s your perspective???


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