Review of my week:

Monday – was a holiday, Labour Day.

Labor Day is a public holiday celebrated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Labor Day in Trinidad and Tobago is celebrated on June 19. It marks the beginning of an uprising of laborers in Fyzabad in 1937. It is also generally recognized as the beginning of the modern trade union movement.

History of Labor Day in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

In 1897, a young man named Charles Phillip formed the Working Men’s Reform Club. This lead to other working men’s associations being formed in other places. The collection of groups came together to form the Trinidad Labor Party to show that it had now become a political party.

On June 18, 1937, oil workers at the forest reserve began a huge strike. This was done under the leadership of a man named Tubal Uriah Butler. The day after, he was arrested, and there were riots and civil unrest, leading to the death of two police offers and nine civilians. During the same year in September, the men who worked the oil fields created the first trade union, registered in Trinidad. In November, factory workers and sugar plantation workers joined suit.

In late 1939, a trade union congress was established. Adrian Cola Rienzi was elected as the president. However, Butler was sucked into military duty during World War II, pulling him away from his goals. After Butler returned, he was hailed as the hero of the working class.

When elections were held in the year 1946, Butler lost to Albert Gomes for a seat in the legislative council. Those people who were in support of Butler staged a march on the Red House ruining the whole of Spain and causing numerous riots. Many strikes ensued with people demanding an increase in wages. In 1957 the Democratic Labor Party was formed. Slowly in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago becomes the first British West Indian colony to gain independence.

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s Labor Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

In 1973, the government declared June 19—the day Tubal Butler was arrested causing riots—Labor Day. Despite the numerous man hours lost due strikes, sick outs, and industrial actions, workers have seen fairer job treatment through their efforts.

Tuesday – because of Tropical Storm Bret, schools and some business places remained closed so that was another ‘off’ day, lol.  Sadly, a lot of areas suffered flooding as seen below:-

Wednesday – everything went back to normal(in terms of work and school, except for the affected schools).  So the hubby and I dropped K to school like we usually do, he went to work and I came back home til it was time to pick her up in the afternoon.

Thursday – I dropped K to school and came back home and chilled afterwards til time to pick her up and then we met hubby and came up the road.

Friday – I had an early morning doctor appointment so my mother in law dropped K off to school and I went down with hubby.  After I was finished I went to work with him, lol and limed with a friend I have there a bit and then mums(mother in law) came for something so I went to drop it for her and ended up going down the road with her to run a few errands.  When she was finished I went back up the road to meet hubby and she went home.  On the way up it had some rain so we had to hire a car to get K from school.  

All in all that was my week.  How was yours?

She Loves Homework 

To my surprise, my beautiful daughter likes HOMEWORK!  I’m actually glad that she does because then that’ll be one less thing that I’ll have to persuade her to do.  

The fact that she likes it, she always asks to do it upfront.  Her class gives homework every Monday so that’s the day that her bag is the heaviest.  Throughout the week though, she may may get homework to do from other books that she uses in school but all are to return the following Monday.  I normally let her start on Friday evening, then Saturday evening and maybe finish the last set Sunday night but this is all depending on how much homework she has.

She would usually come and say “Mummy I want to do my homework” and if I let her do some she’ll sometimes insist that she does the rest.  Honestly, I find it admirable.  Because if at such a young age she enjoys completing homework, I could only hope for better things in the future.

Daily Post-Relieved 

I’m always relieved when I see my husband in the afternoon time.  With so much going on in the country and world at large I just feel so happy when I see his face.  

When I started back to work, for those three months, we traveled to and fro together.  However, because I worked a bit further than him, on an afternoon I would meet him at his workplace and then we’d proceed home.

From since the beginning of our relationship, we’ve always had a lot to talk about so these afternoons weren’t any different.  We spoke about any and everything!  From what we did that day to who got us vex, lol and the list goes on.

Now as I’m back home, we either meet when I’m going for K or he just comes straight home.  Either way I’m always grateful when he comes home to us.


Week in review…..

Monday – Wednesday – was basically the same.  Dropped K to school and came back home and either watched a movie or do some ironing or cooking until it was time to go for her unless my mother in law was going for her that afternoon.

Thursday – was a holiday so no school obviously, lol.  It was Chorpus Christi.  Below are a couple paragraphs about the holiday for those who didn’t know.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for “Body of Christ”) is the Roman Rite liturgical solemnity celebrating the reality of the body and blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God in the Eucharist known as transubstantiation. Two months earlier the Eucharist is observed on Maundy Thursday in a somber atmosphere leading to Good Friday. Corpus Christi emphasizes the joy of the Eucharist being the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

The feast is liturgically celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday or, “where the Solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is not a holy day of obligation, it is assigned to the Sunday after the Most Holy Trinity as its proper day”.[1] It was reported in 2017, however, that Pope Francis had moved the feast from Thursday to the following Sunday, when it is celebrated in Italy.[2][3]

At the end of Holy Mass, there is often a procession of the Blessed Sacrament, generally displayed in a monstrance. The procession is followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. A notable Eucharistic procession is that presided over by the Pope each year in Rome, where it begins at the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran and passes to the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, where it concludes with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
The celebration of the feast was suppressed in Protestant churches during the Reformation, because they do not hold to the teachings of transubstantiation. Depending on the denomination, Protestant churches instead believe in differing views concerning the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, or that Christ is symbolically or metaphorically part of the eucharist. Today most Protestant denominations do not recognize the feast.[4] The Church of England abolished it in 1548 as the English Reformation progressed, but later reintroduced it.
Friday – there was a lot of rain so I didn’t even bother sending K to school because we would have gotten soaked on the way.  Instead we stayed home and watched the movie Sing.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.  In my books, I think it’s one of those good animation movies.  After that I ironed all of K’s clothes for school for next week so that’s one thing I don’t have to do this weekend(yippee).  And we just pretty much chilled for the rest of the day and slept,lol.

Tell me, how was your week?

Create-Daily Post

If I could create a world where there was only good, I would.  You see, our world today is filled with so much hate that I feel society doesn’t know what it’s like to be happy and kind anymore.

When I look at K, I think about what kind of future she’ll have because let’s face it, things don’t look like they’re getting any better anytime soon.  I hope that they would but that’s just me being optimistic.

As parents, we all want what’s best for our babies and a safe world for them to grow up in would be top priority(or at least one of them).  I think about how hard times are for anyone across the globe to just live comfortably.  Why is it so hard?

For now, all we can do is pray and pray hard!  If anyone can change this scary place, ITS GOD!!  For right now though, I’ll try my best to keep my beautiful daughter safe for as long as I live.  I’ll push her to be the best version of herself and to always reach for the stars because she’s already one(a star that is)!  I’ll teach her how to be kind to others no matter what and to always lend a helping hand but also to never let anyone take advantage of her!  And last but not least, to always give God all the glory and praise because without him she wouldn’t be here!

Daily Post-Puncture

Her screams were all we heard coming from the alley.  We tried to get closer but not too close as we were unsure as to what exactly was happening.

We then saw a young man clad in a black hoodie and black jeans running from the said direction. My friends and I knew something was up, so we ventured down the dark path after he was gone and as we proceeded, we heard light groaning coming from behind the dumsters.  Immediately, we called the ambulance and police.  As we made two more footsteps, we found her.  A young lady, possibly in her early 20’s.  She’d been stabbed about her body.

In total disbelief, we stayed with her until the paramedics arrived and even went as far as to go to the hospital with her just to make sure she was alright.  When we got there, she was quickly taken into surgery so my friends and I got something to eat and waited.  After about 2-3 hrs, the doctor came out and told us the knife had punctured one of her lungs and that they stabilized her but couldn’t say whether or not she’d make it.

Proud Mama!

So before school closed for Easter, K had evaluation(where they test them on everything they learnt for the term).  At first I was a bit nervous as there wasn’t much for me to pick her up in but then I thought….. my babygirl is intelligent so she’ll get through this.

Well I was right.  When I received her report card it said that she fitted in well(as she started from the second term) and was doing well.  I was sooooo pleased to hear that.  She got 141 out of 175 in her test and to me, that was awesome!!!! I’m sooo incredibly proud of my pumpkin!

This term I’m hoping she does just as good or even better.  The sky is the limit and I always tell her she can be anything she wants to be once she puts her mind to it.  

Looking forward to so many more achievements with her!