Shallow-Daily Post

WATER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!  Now don’t get me wrong, I like going to the beach from time to time but it’s not something that I constantly crave like other people who go almost every weekend.  My daughter however, she likes the water.  Whether it be a pool or the beach or simply the shower.  She just loves playing in it.

Now as stated in a past post, I’m from the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹  and to me Tobago has some of the best beaches compared to Trinidad.  That’s simply my opinion.

People may say that if you’re living on an island that you should learn to swim.  Me, I have a fear of being on my back and I panic extremely fast.  I’ve learnt to swim, took classes and in order to pass I had to do everything I was thought.  When it came to the backstroke, I just couldn’t do it and so I failed.  I repeated the class and luckily I passed.  I was so happy.  But even though I passed, to this day I still can’t swim because again, FEAR.  I’m afraid something will happen.  So whenever I go to the beach or a pool I always stay in the shallow end.

Daily Post-Tea

They say it’s important to have a hot cup of tea on a morning with your breakfast to break the gas on your stomach.  However, not all the time I feel like drinking it to be honest.  Sometimes I prefer water or juice……anybody else like that?


So this week was good.  Nothing much was done but Thursday afternoon I got a call from the place I used to work and they asked me to come in from yesterday for a couple months again.  Though it’s not that stable, I still took it.

However, it has brought up a few minor issues, one of which is I have no clue what to do with K.  My mother in law, recently went back out to work from vacation so I don’t know as yet if she’ll be able to watch her again and the hubby isn’t too keen on sending her by my parents.

Now I know what you must be saying, they’re your parents!  Her grandparents!  Why wouldn’t he want her to go there…. well you see the thing is, my parents have a way of doing what THEY WANT!  There are some things we don’t allow with K and obviously when she’s in someone else’s care, we would want them to go by our rules because at the end of the day she’s still our daughter!  My parents, don’t like to listen.  They don’t like to bend!  It’s always their way!  I’m tired of always doing things how they want it done!  It’s my child, so for once they should be able to do things my way!  Am I right?!

Ever since my babygirl was small, I’ve rarely ever let people just randomly touch her because (1) sometimes I don’t even know who they are and (2) I don’t know where their hands have been and everyone knows children always have their hands in their mouth!  My parents on the other hand apparently don’t see anything wrong with this.  People can touch K or she can touch the nasty chair on the sidewalk and it’s all fine with them.  I have a serious problem with that and the fact that neither of us are going to be present during the day while she’s in my parents’ care, has my hubby uneasy.

Honestly, I’m not mad at him or anything because if the tables were turned, I may not have wanted her to go by his mom knowing these things(and no I’m not bad, I just like things to be done my way when it comes to my child).  It’s just that this entire situation has me stuck in the middle because I know they would love for her to come by them and I know she’ll be safe.  If only they would listen, everything will be fine!

HotTopic:On Your Own Or Shared Spaces

This is one topic that I’d really love to discuss because people have varying views on it.  For my married couples, would you say get a house of your own or live with in-laws?

I have experience with both because before we got pregnant we were renting and I was very happy to be honest.  However, when we found out we decided to move back home as the money spending in rent could go towards the baby.  At first, we came here(by my in-laws) and then we went by me up until K was 3mths and then an issue arose and we left.  Since then we’ve been up here.

The thing is, I miss being on my own.  I miss having my own space and even though my hubby thinks it was a waste of money, I don’t.  As I’ve always told him, whether or not it sounds stupid, if I have to pay for my sanity I will!  No questions asked, because I think as a young family and married couple, we need our own space.  I don’t know how much longer I can take sharing a space with anyone, whether it’s my parents or in-laws.

So talk to me.  What would you prefer?

Disastrous-Daily Post

Disastrous floods covered the roadways and made it impossible for people to get home!  Boy is this rainy/hurricane season doing the works to us this time around.  Imagine 2hrs of rain has our capital city submerged in water.  Seriously, something needs to be done ASAP because things only seem to be getting worse. 

Year after year, people’s homes are flooded.  I can’t imagine every year having to purchase new household appliances all because time after time it gets damaged by flood waters.  How frustrating that must be…….

Almost Through

Not too long ago we celebrated Christmas and New Years and in about 5 mths we’re about to do it again.  Time has really flown!  Look at that, how quickly this year is passing.  I’m sure at the beginning of 2017 some people had New Year resolutions and hopefully you guys are almost through with your list of things to get done…well I’m hoping so.

I want to urge everyone to enjoy life as best you can because as we know, you never know when could be your last.  Growing up I always heard, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ but the thing is, things have gotten so bad that too me it’s now ‘Here now, gone later’ because that’s exactly it.

Live a life that when you look back, you’d be proud of yourself and if you have children they can be proud of the legacy you left behind.  Live a life pleasing to The Almighty God so that he as well can be proud of you!  Times are tough and we need him to get through our obstacles.
So today I want to say to you.  Be blessed! Stay safe! Be happy! Help others! Love unconditionally!

Daily Post-Edible

So I once visited the Edible Arrangements website to see what they offered and mann do those people have talent.  I mean the ‘bouquets'(as they call it), they create are absolutely incredible and I’m pretty sure it takes someone with a lot of patience and an eye for creativity to do that.

Becaus my hubby has a love for fruits especially Julie mangoes and watermelon, I’ve decided that one of these good days I’ll order one for him.  After seeing all of the different arrangements that they have to offer, I think it’s well worth the money.  Besides, not all of her are expensive as they have some affordable ones that still look amazing.

Just by looking at the pics I would say they definitely look EDIBLE!!!