Good morning my fantabulous people!!!  It’s a great day to be alive and well so let’s not sulk about the things that we don’t have and appreciate what we do have.  Unlike some persons God allowed us to wake up this morning, and for that we should all be thankful.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and may this week bring lots of joy and happiness to or lives.  With all the bad going on in this world, don’t let it affect you and make you depressed.  See the bigger picture.  Keep dreaming and hoping that things will change because it only takes one person to start a trend.

For me, I’m getting back in the groove of being home and enjoying every bit of it.  I still want to go back to work but for now, it’s like my mini vacation, lol.  

This week I challenge you to make positive changes in your life.  Whether it’s simply dropping a bad habit and practicing a new one or being nice to a stranger.  

Again, have a really good week and don’t forget to SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!


Flashback of my week:

Monday – dropped K off to school and later went down the road to find out what was going on with me, in terms of a job and to pick up a gift for my hubby.

Tuesday – drop K as usual and came home and did some minor cleaning.  After that got dressed and went to meet my hubby, then to run a few errands and head back home.

Wednesday – did the same in the morning and went to see about another surprise for hubby for Father’s Day.  Came back home and cleaned the windows then got ready to go for K.

Thursday – dropped K to school and came home and watched a movie and just relaxed.  Hubby and I went for her later and then had a meeting to attend as well.

Friday – hubby and I dropped K to school and my mother in law picked her up.

All in all it was a good week.  I called my workplace for them to say they’re waiting on something so until they get it I will be home, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts…again.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Stay blessed!


Ok so today’s HotTopic is about bathing with kids.  

Question: What are your views on parents bathing with their children?  Is it wrong?  Is it right?  Is there even a right or wrong answer to this question?

While everyone has different opinions on what they should or shouldn’t do with their kids, based on my research, some people say even if you bathe with them that you should stop:-

  1. When you become uncomfortable 
  2. When your child wants privacy 
  3. At a certain age(2-3), no matter what 
  4. When you want the shower to be your ‘ME’ time

Personally, I don’t see the issue with it.  Nowadays people make everything a problem that simply doesn’t need to be.  I mean, commmeee on, you carried the child for 9mths and brought him/her into the world so what’s the big problem to bathe with them.  Unless you’re a pervert, there’s nothing sexual about it.  It’s simply natural.

The next thing is….. GENDER BASHING!  They always come down on one parent more, mostly the father.  Ok, if he isn’t taking interest in the child/children’s life I can see the need to worry or be upset but once that man is trying his best and going above and beyond, why make him feel uncomfortable because you may not do things the way he does.  Pertaining to my HotTopic today, I also don’t find it a problem for a dad to shower with his kid!!

If I offend anyone too bad.  But I will be waiting to see you guys’ views in the comments….#SorryNotSorry


At it again…..

Monday – was a good day. I was feeling great about starting a brand new week.

Tuesday – was Indian Arrival Day.  Below is a little about it.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Indian Arrival Day, celebrated on 30th May, commemorates the arrival of the first Indian Indentured labourers from India to Trinidad, in May 1845, on the ship Fatel Razack. The Fatel Razack brought not only a new labour force to assist in the economic development of Trinidad, but also a new people with a new culture.

While this momentous event has been celebrated among the East Indian community in Trinidad and Tobago for many years, it was not until 1994 that it was made an official public holiday. It was called Arrival Day. In 1995, it was re-named Indian Arrival Day. On 30th May each year, Indian Arrival Day commemorates this momentous event by staging a re-enactment of the arrival of the Fatel Razack at various beaches throughout Trinidad and Tobago. There is also music and dance, and outstanding members of the community are honoured for their contributions to society.

Indian Immigration to Trinidad spanned the period 1845-1917. During this period over 140,000 Indians were transported to the island. The journey was long and arduous and living conditions were deplorable. After disembarking at Nelson Island, the arrivals were fed and rested for a couple weeks and then sent to the various estates that had requested them previously.

Wednesday – well it was the last day of my contract so it was kind of a bitter sweet day but I wasn’t worried too much.  Got through my day as usual and went home and prepared for the next day.

Thursday – came to work waiting to hear what was taking place only to be told my last day was yesterday and I’m not working from today.  The way in which it was said though, I didn’t appreciate!  It was as though they didn’t care and the sad thing is, the department is actually under staffed so sending me home to wait for the girl who I’m supposed to be holding on for to make up her mind really isn’t making much sense.  She clearly doesn’t want the job!!  I ended up staying the day though and I’m supposed to get paid for it.

Friday – I was home from today so dropped and picked up my daughter and ran some errands with hubby.  Came home and slept for a lil while but other than that I enjoyed the day.

Month End Monday

So I’m back and feeling good about it.  Hopefully this week is better than last.

It’s a beautiful day and we can accomplish so much today, so put your best foot forward and just roll with the punches.

Life has been good to me.  I can’t complain 😊.  Father’s Day is coming up and I’m really excited to surprise my hubby with this gift that I’ve been working on, trying to come up with ways for him to not get suspicious, lol.  My pumpkin is slowly but surely getting over the cold even though she sorta gave it to me…. but say what!  And with regards to work, my contract is ending Wednesday so when I come on Thursday I’ll know what’s happening(hopefully) because despite the amount of times I called, I’ve been told they can’t tell me what’s going to happen until the young lady that I’m holding on for comes out.  Hence the reason I’m coming out on Thursday, to see if she shows.  

Honestly, I find it a bit ridiculous because being a parent, your job is very important for the survival of you and your family and even though I can stay home, if I were a single parent what would be my predicament?  Anyway I’m hoping for the best but if it doesn’t work out here, I’ll get something else.

This past weekend was good.  Relaxing but good. Saturday hubby and I had some errands to run so we did that and K went out with my mother in law.  When we got back, hubby and a friend of his did some work in the yard.  Sunday we just chilled.  K did her homework and I washed.  I cooked something new but simple for lunch and we catched up on some of the series we missed out on last week.  Later on in the evening, I started getting ready for this coming week so I gave K a bathe and washed her hair and combed it.  She then ate dinner and hubby ironed a little before bed(by that time i was already dropping asleep,lol).

Anyway have a fantastic and safe week everyone!  Stay blessed!


So I’ve been missing in action for a few days but that’s only because life is a bit hectic for me right now.

I honestly forgot how tiring it is working, being a wife and mother. Lawd!!!!!!!

But I’ll try my best to stay active and give my weekly features.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your week guys!!!!


 Hi my darlings, so today’s HotTopic is about pleasing your husband or for want of a better word, listening.  

Today I wanna talk about dressing to please your husband.  Some women look at this as controlling because they don’t think their husband should tell them what they should and shouldn’t wear.

Now I get that you’re your own woman and everything but we must also remember that we represent our spouses wherever we go.  For me, I don’t really see the big fuss in it.  If you’re married you can’t want to be dressing half naked  and showing off all your goods and most importantly your husband’s goods!  So if he asks you to change I don’t see the issue.

Not everyone will be cool with this, I know, but say what.  

Would you dress to please your husband?  Do you think that he’s controlling if he asks you not to wear something?  What would you do?

Marriage goes both ways.  We have to learn to compromise in order for things to work and the same respect you want from your spouse you have to be able to give back.  Put yourself in your significant other’s shoes.  How would you feel?