Daily Post-Delivery

Whenever I find out that someone is pregnant, I always wish them a safe delivery because of the mere fact that things can go wrong at any second.

You may have everything planned out but there are times when your baby might change things unbeknownst to you and decide that he/she would prefer to come into this world at this said point in time….when you weren’t really expecting him/her til the next couple of weeks or so.

Oh the joys of motherhood!  Being able to have children is one of the greatest blessings from God to us women and we should be extremely proud of ourselves.  Never take the experience for granted because there are other women who are dying to give their husbands a family and aren’t able to do so.

Cherish every moment!


Shallow-Daily Post

WATER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!  Now don’t get me wrong, I like going to the beach from time to time but it’s not something that I constantly crave like other people who go almost every weekend.  My daughter however, she likes the water.  Whether it be a pool or the beach or simply the shower.  She just loves playing in it.

Now as stated in a past post, I’m from the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹  and to me Tobago has some of the best beaches compared to Trinidad.  That’s simply my opinion.

People may say that if you’re living on an island that you should learn to swim.  Me, I have a fear of being on my back and I panic extremely fast.  I’ve learnt to swim, took classes and in order to pass I had to do everything I was thought.  When it came to the backstroke, I just couldn’t do it and so I failed.  I repeated the class and luckily I passed.  I was so happy.  But even though I passed, to this day I still can’t swim because again, FEAR.  I’m afraid something will happen.  So whenever I go to the beach or a pool I always stay in the shallow end.

Daily Post-Tea

They say it’s important to have a hot cup of tea on a morning with your breakfast to break the gas on your stomach.  However, not all the time I feel like drinking it to be honest.  Sometimes I prefer water or juice……anybody else like that?

Disastrous-Daily Post

Disastrous floods covered the roadways and made it impossible for people to get home!  Boy is this rainy/hurricane season doing the works to us this time around.  Imagine 2hrs of rain has our capital city submerged in water.  Seriously, something needs to be done ASAP because things only seem to be getting worse. 

Year after year, people’s homes are flooded.  I can’t imagine every year having to purchase new household appliances all because time after time it gets damaged by flood waters.  How frustrating that must be…….

Daily Post-Edible

So I once visited the Edible Arrangements website to see what they offered and mann do those people have talent.  I mean the ‘bouquets'(as they call it), they create are absolutely incredible and I’m pretty sure it takes someone with a lot of patience and an eye for creativity to do that.

Becaus my hubby has a love for fruits especially Julie mangoes and watermelon, I’ve decided that one of these good days I’ll order one for him.  After seeing all of the different arrangements that they have to offer, I think it’s well worth the money.  Besides, not all of her are expensive as they have some affordable ones that still look amazing.

Just by looking at the pics I would say they definitely look EDIBLE!!! 

Passenger-Daily Post

We were passengers in the car of a stranger.  For the first time since our driver died, we used Uber.  Now seeing how things are going lately with kidnappings etc, I was a bit skeptical but I prayed before we got in that everything would be fine.

We reached our destination safely, a little late but in one peace and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.  For Father’s Day, I got the hubby a spa certificate because I know that he’s never gotten that before and today was the appointment because all the other weekends from Father’s Day to now was booked up!  I hope he enjoys it!

While he’s inside, I’m outside waiting and writing this post, lol!  Because he likes being pampered I thought this was a great gift for him.  It’s a Hot Stone Neck & Back Massage and a Pedicure.  Although he’s a bit funny with his toes, I’m hoping he doesn’t give any trouble lmaoo.

Daily Post-Snack

Well let me tell y’all this…… My daughter LOVES TO TAKE MY SNACKS!!!!!!!

She knows very well that she’s not allowed to eat too much salty snacks like: Cheese Curls/Sticks, Tortilla, Big Foot(normal and spicy) etc, but for some reason when she eats out all of her snacks, she chooses to come after mine.😑😏😩

At times I give in and let her have one of mines but in doing so, I always choose to give her Chipz because it’s natural and hardly has any salt in it. She even gets the Cheese Curls and Tortilla from time to time but I space it out.  

Because she knows that she’s not supposed to have it, she comes inside and picks up my bag of snacks, takes what she wants and runs with it, lol.  So I now have to chase her to get it back while all she’s doing is laughing.

Ohhh the joys of motherhood……